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The Genius of the Crowd

By a poem by Charles Bukowski

Commissioned by

Digital Bathroom


Digital Bathroom




Lorenzo Miglietta
Emanuele Roccucci
Enrico Tanno

“The Genius of the Crowd”is a short film taken from a poem with the same name by Charles Bukowski. This project was born from a passion for poetry and the collaboration of five graduates in art & design. The concept was to make the same feeling of dirt, disullusione and inevitability of events in a short film. The pencil was chosen to give an intimate tone in the project.The video was made in a week, from concept to dvd, and the illustrations have this inherent urgency that makes the tract nervous. 

Direction: Digitalbathroom

Motion Graphic: Emanuele Roccucci, Lorenzo Miglietta.

Illustration: Enrico Tanno

3d: Giacomo Gennaro Tessitore

Watch the video clicking here